Come share the wisdom of yoga and find your way on the path.
This unique yoga studio in Seminole Heights is the perfect place to go with the flow at a beautiful, magical spot on the Hillsborough River. Click on “Class Schedule” to check the latest class schedule, register and pay online via PayPal. Read “Class Descriptions” to discover the best class for you.

2017 Schedule:
Tuesday Morning 10-11:15 am Mindful Yoga
Tuesday Evening 7:00-8:15 pm Donation Class. Kripalu Vinyasa Flow
Wednesday Morning 10-11:15 am Mindful Yoga
Wednesday Evening 7:00-8:15 pm Kripalu Vinyasa Flow

Cross the streams at the river: traditional yoga and high tech tracking.
Traditional yoga is taught at Take Me To The River Yoga. All classes include some combination of classic asanas, pranayama, mudras, and mindfulness meditation. The modern practice of high tech tracking with wrist bands, chest straps and smart clothing to measure movement, heart rate, HRV, respiration, calorie burn, etc. is encouraged.

HRV Yoga shows the real-time effect of your yoga practice.
Heart rate variability (HRV) is the measure of the variation between your heart beats. Having a strong pulse is only part of the picture . . . you need variability! Yoga can teach you to improve HRV by gaining better control over your autonomic nervous system. Tracking HRV provides biofeedback to your practice. Tish Ganey can show you how HRV Yoga can help you track, collect and analyze your yoga practice data with Big Data Yoga.

Not ready for the yoga studio experience right now?
If you are new to yoga or just want a more personalized yoga experience, contact Tish Ganey to arrange a private or online yoga practice that fits your schedule and your specific need.

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