New Yoga Classes for September – stop waiting

Got COVID-19 burnout? Waiting around for things to “get back to normal?” Me too. Then I realized that all I was really doing was JUST waiting. It’s been a generic type of waiting. Waiting for the unknown, or waiting for the unknowable. It’s time to stop waiting and start NEW Yoga Classes!

When COVID-19 hit as a real event I immediately closed down the studio and moved to virtually teach yoga via Zoom. That was back in March of 2020 (you know, 2020, the year when nothing happened?). Well, now it is coming on September 2020. The start of school, of fall, and of memories of all the symbology surrounding autumn. Reap the harvest, cornucopias, and the impending Autumnal Equinox happening on September 22, 2020.

It is time for me to stop waiting and start new Yoga Classes that I had been planning before COVID-19 hit. I’ve been waiting to see what would happen. As it has turned out, I’ve just been waiting. Pure and simple, generic, run-of-the-mill waiting. No special waiting. No profound waiting. That is not to say I’ve been sitting around doing nothing! Some of my work has been sort of special, and kind of profound. Now it is time to be NOVEL, as in new, not previously seen. Novel COVID-19 is insisting that all of us take a novel, new approach to change and transformation.

Here’s what I have decided to stop waiting for: NEW Yoga Classes! I’m starting them now.

These are four new yoga classes that begin Tuesday, September 1st and will continue every Tuesday:

NEW, Live, Online Yoga Classes via ZOOM:
Go to Schedule Now at to choose class, date and time you’d like to attend, and pay online
Tuesday 10-11:00 am EST Somatics & Yoga – Zoom ID 841 0083 4265 (passcode to be sent via email)
Tuesday 12 Noon EST Chair Yoga – Zoom ID 830 2208 9332 (passcode to be sent via email)
Tuesday 2:00-3:15 pm EST Calm Mind Yoga – Zoom ID 822 4493 0750
Tuesday 4:00-5:15 pm EST Healthy Heart Yoga – Zoom ID 815 8636 9880
Once you schedule and pay online ZOOM ID and passcode will be emailed to you.

Life on earth is definitely heading into a new “season.” Every year the world turns and winds us through the seasons. When our great, big earth changes the way the sun hits our planet, seasons change, and Earthlings change with it. Use this seasonal shift to help roll you forward. Stop waiting for something else to make the change for you. Stop waiting. Take a novel, new approach, and make the changes you’ve been waiting for.

Change your energy, change your perception, change your mind, change your body. Join me on Tuesday for a variety of Yoga Classes, or try out my FREE Yoga Classes offered on Wednesday’s:

FREE, Live, Online Yoga Classes via ZOOM:
Sign up for email class reminders and news to receive passcode for these Zoom classes:
Wednesday 10-11:00 am EST FREE Chair Yoga
– Zoom ID 172 034 007
Wednesday 6-7:15 pm EST FREE Hatha Yoga in the Kripalu style
– Zoom ID 197 662 299 

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